Maximizing Business Value


Local construction business with 20 employees, generating $7M in annual revenues and maintaining a 15% profit margin. The owner is running ragged managing the current jobs, holding on to good employees, and still growing the company. His time and energy are low with a little left over for his family. This business has become a living breathing animal taking all it has. He has a team of “professionals” with CPAs, attorneys, financial advisors, and an insurance agent. All of them with different entities, loosely affiliated with each other.


We brought in operating

We brought in operating experts working as functional executives to run the company while the owner still maintains ownership of it.

A strategic tax plan

A strategic tax plan was implemented to reduce his out-of-pocket tax liabilities

A targeted investment

A targeted investment strategy was implemented combining portfolios, real estate, and insurance to optimize overall performance, and reduce his risk exposure.


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