Do you want to be more effective?

Is your team operating from the same sheet of music?

This is a problem because you will likely need help in areas outside the expertise of your advisor.  Most of the time, families resort to a piecemealed team of professionals.  All from different companies, none of them aligned around a common vision.  Your vision.  Consequently, this becomes time consuming and ineffective.

Total Financial Alignment

What if you had a well led team of professionals all sitting on the same side of the table together?  Attorney’s, CPA’s, financial planners, real estate professionals, and business consultants all operating as a united front.  This is how any well-run organization operates.  Doesn’t it make sense to do this with your financial interests?   

How does Total Financial Alignment improve your financial plan?


You may want to consider working with a centralized team that can handle more aspects of your financial life rather than hiring separate companies for each area.  This will increase revenue streams, asset values, and save you precious time.  

Introducing….Legion Private Wealth Management

Best Solution

There are 5 main reasons to consider Legion Private Wealth Management


  1. Specialize in helping business owners – not vanilla financial planners

  2. Coordinating several professionals in one location

  3. Creative solutions for complex situations

  4. Holistic planning

  5. Advanced tax planning

Business/Personal Planning

Specializes In Working With Business Owners – Not A “vanilla” Financial Planner

Legion Private Wealth Management has a background in financial planning, but also understands how your business works as an asset class (like stocks, bonds, real estate, etc.) , and has the tools and training necessary to value your business.—something most financial planners lack.

Coordinating Several Professionals In One Location

Most of our clients have dynamic lifestyles and are in need of several services.  That’s ok when there are no challenges but quickly becomes an arduous task when life throws you a curve ball and you need to act quickly and accurately.


One Quarterback

Your primary advisor will act as a quarterback with other professionals and coordinate them as a team to work towards your objectives.  The advantage is you will only need to make one phone call instead of 5 to get something done.  We help organize your affairs around legal structuring, tax planning, investment advice (real estate and portfolio management), business consulting, financial planning, retirement planning, and insurance planning.   

Efficient Communication

Part of our process is ensuring we have all the necessary information on the front end to act quickly as a team on your behalf.  By laying a proper foundation we can move fast when we need to and avoid asking for duplicate information or having you repeat your situation several times over.

Effective Outcomes 

With good leadership and efficient communication we can execute well, and move smartly towards our end goal in solving a problem or creating an advantage for you.  Simply put, we want to get things done for you. 

Creative Solutions For Complex Situations

This is the fun part.  With such a deep bench of experts all working together on the same team we can draw from each other’s strengths and come up with truely unique solutions.  The more complex the problem is, the more fulfilling it is to try and solve for you.  Our decisions are centered on what is in your best interest, and what will create the best outcome for you and your loved ones.   

Holistic Planning

In our world, we look at everything.  This is unique from other financial planners that tend to specialize in a few areas.  Our strength is being able to advise on the whole picture across complex assets, tax considerations, legal structuring, and business interests.  Creating an integration between all of this in one location.   As part of our plan we have included two critical benchmarks.

Lifestyle Return Benchmark™

This is the rate of return your investment portfolio needs to achieve your lifestyle goals and aspirations

Required Rate of Return

This takes into account your desired spending, risk willingness, risk ability and calculates your return requirement (including current age, life.

Holistic Planning

Are you overpaying in taxes?  

I know we absolutely love to find as many ways as possible to AVOID paying unnecessary taxes.  The tax code is made up of approximately 70,000 pages.  How in the world can a CPA sift through all of that and still build a practice?  Our team has proprietary software that can sift through all the available tax advantages in the tax code and determine which ones will be applicable to your situation.  In addition to tax planning, we can assist with accounting and bookkeeping services.

This Sounds Great But…

I already have an advisor

That’s not a problem at all.  You can certainly keep your existing advisor and work with us for more specialized needs (if you have them), or if you feel you have outgrown your advisor we are equipped to help in more complex situations.  It’s important to assess the advantages and overall impact to your financial future by having access to specialized knowledge. 

What are the fees? 

We are flexible on fees.  Either a flat consulting fee or an agreed upon percentage of what we manage for you.  We are fully transparent on our fee structure, and pride ourselves on creating win-win scenarios with your best interest in mind.   

This seems complicated. 

It is!  But you won’t experience that.  Your smartphone is also complicated, but you can just turn it on and go wherever you need to without knowing all the intimate details of how your phone works right?  That is what we can do with money. We have a simple 3 step process that will help make an effective simple plan out of a potentially complicated situation.

About Us

At Legion Private Wealth Management, we have a real-world business solution

Although there are no two investors who are exactly the same, we have found similar interests exist with our clients and often professional advice from multiple parties is needed.

Building your business is one thing, growing your wealth for generations is entirely another matter. We take pride in assisting clients in melding business along with personal finance for the best long-term solution.


What Clients Are Saying

Steve is one of the few people I trust, and his knowledge on the subject of insurance is second to none. I work with him personally and have recommended him to my inner circle of friends and family.
George Moorhead
Steve is one of the most knowledgeable and strategic insurance planers I have ever had the pleasure to work with. His dedication to his clients and their best interest is truly one of a kind.
John Easley
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