Wealth Direction

“Carve your name on hearts, not tombstones”

Your life is a story.  One of a kind with special people in it with you and alongside you.  Kind of like a custom piece of art, unique to you and those you love.  Protecting your estate is a highly customized process.  It needs to be because you are unique and so are your requirements. That is how we approach estate planning.  Although there may be similarities between estate plans the actual legal structuring and products needed are quite specific to your life and situation.  Our team is made up of well aligned professionals that collaborate together toward a common goal.  Your goal.  A well designed estate plan in general will protect against predators, tax liabilities, and create the legacy you would like to leave behind.

Estate Planning :

“Do you have a clear plan of who will receive your assets, when, and how they will be distributed?”

If you are reading this it means you likely have a keen interest in the legacy of your estate.  Amassing wealth is a blessing and a burden at times.  It often goes well beyond just the dollars alone and is truly more connected to the people most important to you, or causes you feel strongly about advancing in future generations.  How will this be managed and protected?  What challenges do you need to overcome?  We can help you sort through this and develop a plan not only to distribute your resources but quite possibly increase your estate values if that is a priority.

Advanced Life Insurance Strategies:

“A unique blend of assets and leveraged protection”

One of our favorite investment vehicles is actually life insurance.  Yes, it can be an investment although it’s not supposed to be called that.  There are some very attractive opportunities in overfunding a life insurance policy with a customized death benefit that can serve multiple areas to protect your interests from various medical events to passing.  One of the key advantages we like about these policies is the tax free benefits on both the cash as well as the death benefits.  Our team specializes in designing the right amount of coverage for the right amount of cash accumulation to optimize your estate plan.


“Have you insulated your assets from predators and taxes?”

After certain asset thresholds it becomes necessary to implement trusts.  These serve to protect your holdings from litigious people and governments as well as direct the flow of assets to your heirs and/or charities.  Finally, the proper implementation of trusts can serve to reduce your tax liabilities.  Our planning efforts here and Legion Private Wealth Management and affiliate providers in the legal space help you to create custom designs to direct your wealth in the most prudent ways possible.  Let us know how we an help

Advanced IRA Strategies:

“Do you have IRA’s that you don’t need or are you concerned about upcoming RMD’s?”

Where do you want your money to go?  If you are not planning on using one of your IRA’s are you ok with the government taking some of it?  Most say no to this.  Emphatically.  After all it’s your money.  We can help you limit, or even eliminate the amount of money the IRS will certainly demand from your IRA upon passing and gifting to your heirs.  All while allowing you to still enjoy the benefits of the asset.

Using tools to design your financial life

We think of a client’s financials as an architect thinks of building a home.

 The public's careful when they buy a house, when they buy a refrigerator, when they buy a car. They'll work hours to save a hundred dollars on a roundtrip air ticket. They'll put $5,000 or $10,000 on some zany idea they heard on the bus. That's gambling. That's not investing. That's not research. That's just total speculation.”.
Peter Lynch
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