Wealth Conservation

“Protecting the fruits of your labor”

Creating your fortune likely took a lot of hard work.  Along with the benefit of the assets you might be experiencing some stress as well.  This is where we can help.  We go beyond the dollars and discuss your life with you.  What is the point of having money if it causes stress along with it?  We can help you enjoy the benefit of the assets and not worry about the trap doors you might encounter along the way.

Income protection strategies:

“Do you worry about your income”

During retirement, the main source of your financial life is a secure income stream.  Are you certain it is predictable?  Although a difficult question to ask, it needs to be known.  We help take the worry out of this for you and share strategies to bring you peace of mind and confidence in your plan.  Too often our clients who work with previous advisors have no idea what their income security is, not to mention all the various risks that can take it away.  As they say, clarity brings vision.  The more clear you are, the less worry you will have in the golden years.

Tax planning strategies:

“Looking forward to reduce the amount of taxes you have to pay”

You probably drove your car into work today, or maybe went grocery shopping.  When you did you were looking through the windshield and occasionally in the rear view mirror right?  A CPA will help you capture what has happened in the past year when preparing your taxes, by looking through the rear view mirror.  We will help you prepare for the next year by looking ahead through the windshield and reducing or avoiding the taxes you paid previously.  Our team has a proprietary software that analyzes all possible tax advantages in the tax code and proactively find ways to reduce the amount of money paid to Uncle Sam.

Risk prevention strategies:

“A portfolio with low risk is kind of like a car with great suspension. You won’t feel the bumps along the way”

One of the most prudent ways to protect your portfolio is  not having too much exposure to risk.  Sounds simple but it isn’t.  We help make sense of this for you so you don’t have to worry about your portfolio having too much loss in down markets.  Similar to the suspension analogy in a car, you don’t necessarily need to know exactly how the suspension works (unless you want to) you just need to have a great experience driving it.  That’s what we do with risk prevention strategies.  Make sure you get to where you need to go financially without feeling the bumps of the market on your way there.

Asset hedging strategies:

“When portfolio diversification alone isn’t enough”

Diversification serves to protect assets primarily from market risk.  Although important, this alone is limited in today’s sophisticated world.  Your money is one of the most important aspects of your life.  Do you have a clear idea of all the different threats that can take it?  Protecting assets is becoming increasingly important, especially in light of the national and global unrest we have all experienced in recent years.  Protection from what risks exactly?  There are many different risks that need to be considered, and you can be assured we are well aware of the various risks involved in an investment and planning strategy.  Real estate, investment portfolios, insurance plans, and business revenues are all interconnected in creating a comprehensive investment and financial plan.  We specialize in advising on what assets to place money in and how these assets can serve and provide the greatest amount of protection possible.

Using tools to design your financial life

We think of a client’s financials as an architect thinks of building a home.

 The public's careful when they buy a house, when they buy a refrigerator, when they buy a car. They'll work hours to save a hundred dollars on a roundtrip air ticket. They'll put $5,000 or $10,000 on some zany idea they heard on the bus. That's gambling. That's not investing. That's not research. That's just total speculation.”.
Peter Lynch
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