Wealth Creation

“Combining assets to work in concert with each other”

There are a lot of investment products out there.  Instead of having one size fits all type investment management services we prefer to look at the entire landscape and combine assets in unique ways to create better returns and more safety.  By placing your vision and priorities at the center of our assessment, our team gets creative in helping you win.  

Executive Bonus Programs:

“What do you do when 401k’s are not enough?”

Are there some members of your team more valuable than others to the revenues and perhaps culture of your company?  Not everyone is called to executive leadership, or a unique talent driving consistent revenues.  Not just everyone can bring together a team and lead them well towards a common vision.  These people are indispensable and critical to your company’s bottom line and employee experience.  But guess what.  Your competitors probably know these people too and are always looking to hire top talent.  What do you do when 401k’s and health insurance are not enough?  What if you could “lock in” key employees with a golden set of handcuffs for a period of time?

It may be time to consider an executive bonus program.  These plans go beyond traditional benefits and have the capability of providing an attractive asset with no caps or limitations on funding, and can be designed with a net zero cost on the balance sheet to your organization.  Good people are hard to find and even harder to keep.  A well designed executive bonus program can help you retain key employees and build your vision into a reality.

Custom portfolio design:

“Is your portfolio customized to your life?”

Our team is made up of two fiduciaries for the price of one.  This capability allows us to fully customize a portfolio and avoid being “stuck in a box” of products or portfolios often placed by traditional advisors.  We can offer customized solutions around protection, income needs, required rates of return, and your personal values.  Full diversification or focused “Warren Buffet” style investments are available.

Income Protection Strategies:

“Do you worry about your income?”

Income streams are the lifeblood of your experiences in this world.  It takes a healthy income for all the blessings and challenges life will surely bring.  We like to be realistic about current conditions, and hopeful for the future.  Both of these views allow us to make smart decisions now, Carefully planning what you will need money for, why it’s important to you, how you would like to generate it, and when you will need it are all things we love to do here.  There are many ways to generate income, real estate, investment portfolios, business planning, and even insurance.  To help land on the right vehicle we like to discuss your priorities to help create a great experience as you are approaching your income goals.

Real Estate Strategies:

“Are you taking advantage of smart leverage?”

“You make money when you buy real estate”

One of my mentors told me years ago, you make money when you buy real estate.  Think about it.  He’s right.  Real estate is one of the most beneficial assets available to investors today.  Having an allocation dedicated to real estate in your portfolio can help protect against stock market risk and provide handsome appreciation and cash flows when properly designed.  There are also tax benefits to owning real estate, but how does this tie in with other investments in your portfolio?  We help investors find the optimal blend of real estate, professionally managed securities, and insurance to create something new and accomplish more attractive outcomes.  Being equipped with holistic knowledge of each asset class gives us a unique advantage.

Financial Planning:

“Do you have a customized financial plan, specific to your vision, designed to the smallest detail?”

Have you ever looked at the cover of a puzzle box?  It shows a completed picture of all the pieces fitting together.  In our world a financial plan is sort of like this.  We fit all the pieces of the puzzle together to complete a financial picture and then implement a comprehensive plan to accomplish it.  Good news is there are only about 12 pieces to this puzzle instead of 1000.  A good plan will address all the risks associated with your investments and planning, drag on those investments, and protect your estate.  All while generating the required returns to accomplish your objectives.

Retirement Planning:

“Have you outgrown your advisor?”

It’s the end of the rainbow now.  You made it!  Now what?  In retirement, the last thing you should be concerned about is money.  Easier said than done, but a good plan will ensure you have all you need in retirement and have protected yourself from the various threats to your income in the retirement years.  We will give you an honest assessment of your situation and provide insights on how to adjust your plan to better reach your goals.  In addition, we like to get creative in planning for unexpected needs or financial loss due to market volatility.  Our approach is not to tell you to “hang on” when markets take a dive.  We would rather help you hedge against market loss with the best products and planning available.

Using tools to design your financial life

We think of a client’s financials as an architect thinks of building a home.

 The public's careful when they buy a house, when they buy a refrigerator, when they buy a car. They'll work hours to save a hundred dollars on a roundtrip air ticket. They'll put $5,000 or $10,000 on some zany idea they heard on the bus. That's gambling. That's not investing. That's not research. That's just total speculation.”.
Peter Lynch
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